4 workspace, 4 wallpaper?

Some early expert must have known CCSM(Compiz config setting manager) which is used to manage some effect on ubuntu interface. Some of you usually like to use this one, Cubic effect and friends. It require 4 column workspace on your desktop. So you can make it rotate either 2D or 3D.

Wait.. wait.. I won’t talk about the features of CCSM, I just want to share some information about how to make defferent wallpaper on each workspace.

There are 2 alternatives. I have tried both of them, but what I like is the second one…


Install Wallpapoz, It’s like a wallpaper manager. Wallpapoz can manage the wallpaper on each workspace. It also can manage the wallpaper to change simultaneously. Actually it’s really simple and great, but there’s some bug on it. so I’ll pass to the 2nd alternative.

NOTE: After install wallpapoz, the effect of wallpapoz will appear after you disabling “show_desktop’ like what I do on the resume below.



  • You have Ubuntu 8.04 running. (Though it should work with 7.10 as well. But I haven’t tried it.)
  • You have installed CCSM. Check under System ->Preferences if Advanced Desktop Effect Setting is there.
  • For better results you have Avant Window Navigator installed. (Else you won’t be able to use any shortcut on your desktop.)

If you have set up all that then it should be pretty easy for you. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Go under System> Preferences > Advanced Desktop Settings
  2. Select Desktop Cube >Appearance > Background images
  3. Desktop Cube
  4. Click New under background images and add all the images you want as background.
  5. Desktop Cube - Appearance
  6. Alt + F2 to launch the Run Terminal.
  7. Enter gconf-editor and hit Run.
  8. gconf-editor
  9. Go under apps > nautilus > preference
  10. Nautilus
  11. Deselect ‘Show Desktop’.

That’s it. You are all set. Check all the workspaces. You should have the images you selected as wallpapers on these. Cool…


[1]You will notice that you can’t right-click on the desktop and all your existing desktop shortcuts are gone. But don’t worry they are not gone. You will have to go under Places > Desktop to see all the thing you kept on original desktop. Going forward if you save something on desktop they will also appear on that location only. This is one thing you will have to sacrifice if you want to have different wallpapers on each workspace.

[2]For user who use ubuntu 8.10, I’ve experienced something.. To insert the picture, just go to CCSM > utility > wallpaper

[3]But hold on…there is a good news for you if you enabled Avant Window Navigator, then all your shortcuts should be there.  Enjoy different wallpapers on all your workspaces. Did you like it?


So, What I’ve done is these procedure(using alternative 2). I use Ubuntu 8.10.

[1]Disabling “show_desktop” on


[2]Go to CCSM, check on


[3]insert the picture.

The order of the picture affects the image background of each workspace orderly.



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