desktop manager? or DE(desktop environment)?

I’m looking for an unique desktop manager err.. desktop environment.. Actually I’m not sure the appropriate term for what I’m looking for now. The one I look after is the desktop manager with a command line on that desktop. So it’s looks like inline command prompt as one of your desktop bar. Haha, thanks to my senior in college, I’ve become so fond of it.

Hey, hey, wait… what’s desktop manager/environment anyway?? define it as:

The term desktop refers to the graphical environment where you do your work. The desktop usually consists of a workspace (called the root window) with pretty icons and quite possibly a menu that pops up when you click on it, usually a panel on the top or the bottom and/or top of the screen with a menu and a lot of other practical services you may never even notice.

The most important part of any desktop is the window manager, this is the application that handles window placements and movements. The window manager is what draws a border (or no border) around your windows and makes them maximize, minimize, moves and behave according to your preferences.

So in this post, I don’t really care what people use to define what I’m defined. I just simply call this desktop thing with DE(Desktop environment).

Okay, why don’t we mention it all?!

mm Hm.. First, the most people use it, your windows has windows explorer on it as DE. Actually the real name of this DE is NT, but Bill prefer to make it simple as windows explorer. (I don’t know if MS-DOS in early age of computer is classified as DE too..). But do you know that your DE isn’t permanent?What’s the implication? Of course, because it’snt permanent so you can change everything. Do whatever you like.

And then, let’s talk about what they use in linux. There are KDE and GNOME. what’s the best? I will not know it, because what’s best is about taste. I think they both good.

There are many of them if you googling it, these are some of them:

Desktop Required RAM Required CPU
fluxbox/idesk 48 100 MHz
XFCE4 128 200 MHz
Gnome 1.x 256 500 MHz
Gnome 2.x 384 800 MHz
KDE 3.x 512 1 GHz

Actually there are a partial management of DE. I mean DE contain many parts and each part has manager. For example, for window part, there are many window manager if you want to change your window at your current DE. Gnome uses a window manager called metacity, KDE uses kwin. Both these desktops can be used with any other window manager if you do not like the default choice.

Do you like to watch pimp my ride? Yeah, you can do it on your DE. You can experiment using KDE parts, GNOME parts, and other parts.

Back to my question.. I’m looking for one unique DE which conatain such a inline command prompt. Unfortunately, I’m using ubuntu right now and I don’t want to experiment yet.

So, do you know what DE I’m looking for? Anybody?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. zaniar berkata:

    pake fluxbox aja biar kelihatan ‘geeky’.
    BTW, fluxbox itu bukan desktop manager tapi window manager, dia ga ngurusin desktop.

  2. riz berkata:

    oh cuma window manager to, bukan yg dicari gw dong..
    thx sarannya

  3. riz berkata:

    tadi diusulin ma edwin “bosan” : emerge
    ntar deh gw cobain..

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