copy text from protected pdf files

I have a litle secret (dirty? I don’t think so..)trick on one of my college subject. I have a troublesome problem to copy a code on some pdf files. Yeah, I don’t understand why it’s been protected but there’s always many ways to go to Roma XD

If you have a problem to open or to copy protected pdf files, you can do these things with your files:

  1. If your computer has linux(such as fedora, ubuntu, etc) on other booting, you can open it there. I don’t know why, the protection to “copy action” is disabled. Maybe the pdf viewer can’t manage the protection.
  2. Use THIS portable pdf viewer, so you can read pdf files everywhere, everytime, without worrying about that protection. At least it works til now( 16 January 2009). Maybe in the future pdf creator will strengthen their protection… especially not to underestimate the power of open source(at this point, they’re a litlle careless not to provide the protection on linux, and some pdf viewers)

Thanks for myself who provide that files in 😀


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