your ubuntu hav no sound but noise??

do you have some problem like this in your new installed ubuntu…?
before you think further (like me :D) let’s try this out…
in this case I use ubuntu version 8.10, and my sound card is Realtek ALC268

1. right click on your volume icon, choose open volume control
2. you can view all sound control by choose preferences.
3. the important thing in this case is “master”,”PCM”,”front”.( and also “headphone” if your headphone has a problem with sound). check in that preferences.
4. make sure the front part not muted..

yeah, here the rule..
when you have full bar of PCM and nullify the front bar, you’ll gain no sound
otherwise, if you have a full bar of front and nullify the PCM, you’ll gain no sound but noise. This is what happened in my course.

the headphone part rule the volume of your headphone/earphone. I’m not really sure why the default of the headphone bar is null or muted. So don’t surprise if no sound come out from your headphone when you plug the headphone in ubuntu firstly.

master part is same with the volume control of your notebook/PC

nah, if it’s correct setting you can go to further maintenance like checking the driver of your soundcard or reinstalling the ALSA. I recommend you to visit this link

PS. fortunately I’m not reinstalling my system like ALSA, and others which can cause more troublesome maintenance.. 😀


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