how to become a super user

it’s for beginner use
if you want to be a super-user in linux os like ubuntu to change some essential of “anything”, you can do these instruction.

1. go to application > accesoris > terminal.
2. then type:

sudo su

3. then type your password there
4. congratulations, you’ve enter the su territorry

if your password is wrong, maybe you must include this way before those instructions.
1. in terminal window, type this first:

type sudo su

2. after this follow the same instructions above.

thx for djiwo for correction


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jiwo berkata:

    i think su means ‘substitute user’
    not ‘super user’
    see man pages for su 🙂

  2. rizky muhammad berkata:

    oh iye, i mean that, heheh..(sok english dikit..)
    su in the title just an acronym of super user(ngelesnya parah..)
    and su itself stand for substitute-user like u said, but for sudo it really stands for super-user-do i think

    thx for your clarification anyway

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