Windows Seven

Three years from now, it means 2011, there will be a new genereation of windows, windows Seven. Maybe it decided to replace windows vista, that seems like a failure.

Many of us realize that the previous genereation, windows XP is much better than the new one. Vista has a troublesome system, like the recognition of software, though it gives security to users, but it’s too over protected. We(include myself) feel annoy whenever we try installing new software. Windows box, that asks us whether it well or harmful software, always appear in no time. Beside that problems, XP needs less computer spec. Vista is work well with minimal 1 giga RAM. Furthermore with Vista, some game freaks will feel enjoy play their game at XP.

Do you know that some Vista code has been release to entire world. Yes, They have make it an open source. Microsoft office’s code also included there. I hope that the wikinomics era will change the world.

Okay, back to Topic. Windows Seven will come eith a new appearance : touch screen system. I wonder what is that. But I am sure that it will boom when the time’s come.

So just wait for three years patiently.


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